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I Aluminum clad steel series

1.Aluminum clad steel wire

Aluminum clad steel wire is a piece of round wire made of a round steel core clad with a uniform and continuous aluminum layer. By structure ratio of steel and aluminum, aluminum clad steel wire has different grades, LB14, LB20, LB23, LB27, LB30, LB35 and LB40, with corresponding electric conductivities of 14%, 20.3%, 23%, 27%, 30%, 35% and 40% IACS (IACS stands for International Annealed Copper Standard). Featured by high strength, corrosion resistance and high conductivity, etc., aluminum clad steel wire is widely used in coastal areas, volcano areas, salt atmosphere areas and overhead power line used in areas seriously polluted by industrial materials containing SO2, NO and CO2, etc. It’s the optimum material for transmission conductor with kilometric span and carrier cable for electrified railways.

2.Aluminum clad steel series stranded wire

Aluminum clad steel stranded wire is made of an aluminum clad steel wire core stranded with one or more layers of single aluminum clad steel wire in spiral. Opposite stranding direction between neighboring layers provides higher mechanical strength and corrosion resistance. Primarily, it’s applied to overhead power transmission in electric system. Our aluminum clad steel stranded wire portfolio includes products for overhead power line, long span, aluminum stranded wire for aluminum clad steel core, aluminum alloy stranded wire for aluminum clad steel core and heat-resistant aluminum alloy stranded wire for aluminum clad steel core.


II Aluminum clad invar

Aluminum clad invar wire is a new kind of wire which adopts invar with low coefficient of thermal expansion as raw material which is processed into high-performance wire. It’s primarily applied to transmission in electric system. Compared with Aluminum clad steel core cable, Aluminum clad invar core cable bears the following advantages:

1. More transmission capacity with the same structure. 50% of expansion as a maximum; 2. Lower sag at the same temperature; 3. Lower cost of investment in line under the same capacity.


III Center-based stainless steel tube OPGW optical cable

Center-based stainless steel tube OPGW optical cable is a kind of optical fiber composite overhead ground wire using stainless steel tube optical unit as center cable core, stranded with a layer of aluminum clad steel wire in spiral way. It’s widely used in modern information-based electric system.

Structural features and application

● Small cable diameter, light weight, small short-circuit current capacity

● Optical unit forms suitable primary optical fiber excess length

● Weak stretch resistance, torque resistance, side pressure resistance

● Match with GJ-35 and GJ-70


IV Stranded stainless steel tube OPGW optical cable

Stranded OPGW replaces 1 or more aluminum clad steel wires on the noncentral layer of traditional ground wire with stainless steel tube optical unit and strands into overhead cable. It realizes optical fiber communications. Compared with center-based stainless steel tube OPGW, it's especially featured by larger cable diameter and more optical fibers.

Structural features and application

● Larger cable diameter, more optical fibers

● High tensile strength and short-circuit current capacity. Meet the optimum balance between mechanical and electrical performance.

● Allow 1 or more optical fibers

● Optimum stranding design. Obtain secondary optical fiber excess length

● Two or three layers of stranded wire, single wire

● Possible combination of aluminum clad steel wire and/or aluminum alloy wire and aluminum wire


V Aluminum clad stainless steel tube OPGW optical cable

Aluminum clad stainless steel tube OPGW optical cable is a new type of communication optical fiber cable which does not only inherit all advantages of stainless steel tube OPGW, but also significantly impairs electrochemical corrosivity between different metals. It has great application prospect.

Structural features and application

● Aluminum clad steel tube optical unit enlarges aluminum section and optimizes short-circuit current and electrical characteristics of lightning.

● Excellent electrochemical corrosion resistance

● Fill in the gap of the structural design of 11.4-13.5mm cable diameter

● Applicable to lines requiring small diameter and large short-circuit current

● Available under extremely corrosive environment, such as coastal areas and chemical industry


VI Aluminum clad loose tube OPGW optical cable

Aluminum clad loose tube OPGW optical cable core adopts stranded single or more PBT tube optical units, clad with a layer of continuous compressed uniform aluminum tube as metal protection tube which is stranded with another or more layers of aluminum clad steel or aluminum alloy line to form electric optical cable. Aluminum clad loose tube OPGW solves the problem of electrochemical corrosion between different metals. It has high application value.

Structural features and application

● Seamless aluminum tube is uniform, compatible with aluminum clad steel wire for ground wire, dispelling the concern about electrochemical corrosion.

● Due to uniform material and structure, ground wire has high fatigue resistance.

● Optical fiber in aluminum tube OPGW is located in PBT loose tube. After stranding, the cable core will be clad with a layer of thermal insulation material which is excellent in thermal insulation and well protects optical fiber. Therefore, short-circuit current has little influence on transmission performance of optical fibers.


VII Optical Phase Conductor (OPPC)

Optical Phase Conductor (OPPC) is a new type of electric optical cable which compounds optical fiber units in phase conductor. It’s capable of both phase conductor and communication. Primarily, it’s applied to electric transmission line with no ground wire and a voltage class of 110kV and below in suburban power distribution network and rural power network, etc.

Structural features and application

● Performance matching: mechanical and electrical properties match with neighboring two-phase conductor

● Continuous heat resistance: temperature cycle and current injecting test verifies that it satisfies continuous constant temperature.

● It applies to electric transmission lines of medium and high voltage classes without ground wire.

● It is applied to electric transmission lines for which OPGW or ADSS is not practical.

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